It comes and it goes

Funny thing medication.

Sertraline week 2 survived. Just. Starting a new medication is tough. Hoo boy not half! It’s supposed to take a while to get used to new medication , I’ve definitely learned that this week! From a few months ago before I had migraines and all the issues with sumatriptan and citalopram and I was feeling limited anxiety to this week where the anxiety itself has been unpredictable and I’m sort of having to ride the waves of anxiety as they come. They’ve been annoyingly bad as I’ve basically had no trigger for it and a couple of brief panic attacks over nothing or things I thought I’d conquered and realistically have conquered and am having an annoying bloody blip while I get used to sertraline.

Sertraline definitely hates my guts though. Apologies for the graphic details but some days I can’t trust a fart if you know what I mean!!!

I’ve also had this sort of … crushing tiredness.. not every night but a couple of times a week where I get home from work, eat and then pass out on the sofa. I figure that I’m just going to have to ride it out and try self care where I can when I need to.

In other news, the SAD light seems to be doing its job, though I’ve had to increase the length of use as I’ve felt a start of symptoms lately, hopefully this will do the trick.

Anxiety is a strange beast. I’ve got high functioning anxiety so I can portray that I’m fine and act normal but just under the surface I sometimes get this underlying feeling of anxiety where to be honest I’m really not okay. I can hide it to an extent but sometimes you can tell. Those people that know me well at home and at work are usually able to tell – I’m usually a bit snappy or grumpier than usual, I’m a bit quiet, and won’t engage in conversation as much as normal. On those days I just have to focus on me and no one else or I have an unfortunate tendency to be more likely to make errors. If I put myself first I’m okay.


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