Up and down

So being female sometimes really sucks. You’re just strolling along the path of life, la di dah and BAM. INCOMING. Hormones. One minute you’re okay then the next you’re crying because you burned toast, then you’re enraged because your jacket keeps falling off the hanger. So much fun eh? Monthly or in my case whenever it can be arsed to rock up with PCOS tuning in…. Anyway this has loads of fun tangling with my anxiety and seasonal affective disorder but it’s not as horrendous as it used to get, due to a combination of medication, supplements (evening primrose oil/starflower oil/vitamin B6), occasional mindfulness and the use of a rather expensive but incredibly effective SAD light. So it is permanent but there are ways to make it easier, it’s just a matter of trying things that work for you.

Other bits and bobs then…. I’ve recently taken the steps to be a Time to Change Champion, which is basically someone with lived experience of mental health issues. Time to Change is an organisation that exists to reduce and erase the stigma of mental health and mental illness including within the workplace, in social situations and everyday life. Part of this is that I sit on two different groups within Time to Change York and give my own opinions, thoughts, suggestions and ideas to help the organisation move forwards and get rid of the stigma. So far it’s been really interesting and actually quite eye opening and I hope it continues in the same vein as I am enjoying having even a small impact. I also get to share my lived experience of mental health with others to help stop the stigma or even create discussion. Getting rid of the stigma or even the fear surrounding mental health or mental illness is so important – a lot of people probably feel terrified of “coming out” with mental health problems because of the potential of being shunned by , well let’s face it, closed minded groups or individuals. People die because they’re too scared of talking about how they feel – why shouldn’t we be talking about it?

Been at my new job for 3 months now and though I get paid less than before and it’s not as hands on as before either, I do appreciate the significant decrease in stress and notably anxiety levels, and perhaps more significantly the breathing space that I get from my boss and her boss, which means I can relax and do my job to the best of my ability. It is an absolute world away from my last real job. It’s a short commute too so not a drag either .

I recently had this tattoo done and it must be my favourite yet from my existing 11! It’s incredibly realistic and I’ve always been a fan of owls and when they are in flight they appear so effortless and stunning. At the moment I do unfortunately have a rather high pain threshold due to what appears to be a disc in my cervical spine pressing on nerves , which I hasten to add that I am on medication for but I am waiting to see a neurologist to see what they think and what my options are.

I’ve got a post in the pipeline especially for World Mental Health Day on the 10th October … Keep an eye out.


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