As a bit of a follow on from my last post, and the part about my past, the last year has been, at least mental health wise, rather up and down. Anxiety isn't predictable as such, I can't tell if next Wednesday for example I'm going to have 'a bad anxiety day' far in advance … Continue reading History


Mental Health Awareness 2019

So it's "Mental Health Awareness week" 2019 . I've been quiet for a while for various reasons,including a distinct lack of motivation and inspiration to post or write a post. I mentioned previously that I'd started some counselling. The first lot of counselling I paid for, and although it wasn't CBT , it was really … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness 2019

Anxiety is an arsehole

Great title right? Anxiety is an arsehole. Anxiety is a fucknuggeting fuckface. It fucks with your brain, emotions, self confidence, self esteem, self belief, basically everything. It's a nasty bastard that seems to swoop down on you like an eagle spotting a fleeing mouse, bringing you down from 100 to 0 real quick in some … Continue reading Anxiety is an arsehole