Bulb 💡

Been a while but I’m back again.

Had an almost ‘lightbulb’ moment not long ago when I came across a Facebook post about something called “gaslighting”. I don’t know what made me read it but I had a sudden moment of realisation. Reading it, I realised this was likely what happened to me. That’s kind of helped to sort of put it behind me.

Gaslighting is pretty much emotional abuse. The ‘gaslighter’ if you like, lights the fires by manipulating the truth or outright lying, making you doubt your own sanity, memory, perception or actions. They change you into a really vulnerable person.

On another more positive note, I’ve finally booked myself in for some counselling, albeit not free, but I’m prepared to sacrifice that to help myself, and though I’ve unfortunately just become unemployed again as I write , I am fortunately in a position where I can afford to get help.

As anxiety goes, it’s not been so bad to be fair, have been a little bit up and down but I think the sertraline has kicked in hoorah! Plus the lighter longer days help too. So hopefully I’m on the up now


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