Coming home.

I’m starting to write this on a transpennine express train from Liverpool to York.

Technically I’m still supposed to be in Budapest. From my last post you could probably tell that all was not really ok. In fact it did reach the point where the anxiety became so overwhelming that I felt I had to make the decision to come home early. I phoned my fabulous travel agent who found me a flight which I booked . This was on Monday, so I flew home yesterday (Tuesday). I then had to arrange a hotel by Liverpool airport due to the expected arrival time of the flight, which then ended up being delayed anyway. Funnily enough this was easy to sort out for me. The waiting around at Budapest airport was not in the slightest helpful and i did make me more anxious.

I did enjoy Budapest it’s the fact I didn’t plan any activities, I was on my own and grossly underestimated the language barrier. I’d had no real issue with my anxiety aside from maybe needing a slight medication increase before leaving and did feel anxious before going. But if I didn’t go I’d have hugely regretted it.

I’m glad I went. I think it was probably a step too far too soon, I definitely want to go back and explore more as I felt trapped by anxiety and the inclement weather. I’m gutted that it ended early but it’s been a massive learning curve. When anxiety paralyses you like it did to me had me wailing and crying most of the afternoon it’s terrifying


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