So it’s approaching my least favourite season of the year, winter, where the days are short and the nights dark and long. I also suffer from seasonal affective disorder so the lack of sunlight affects the level of vitamin D in my body and therefore my hormone levels causing low mood and depression over these months. I suffered horrendously last year from SAD so I decided to take action and buy a SAD light. So far it seems to be working, but only time will tell.

So I’ve finished the CBT programme I was on and I’ve learned some useful techniques for managing my anxiety. I’m applying a few on a fairly frequent basis. Graded exposure , aimed at gradually reducing the anxiety caused by a situation by gradual exposure is one that I’ve applied, that seems to be going well. Another technique is called an exposure ladder which involves making ‘steps’ to an end goal. Thought challenging is another excellent technique where you learn to challenge unhelpful thoughts by ‘taking the thought to court’s and identifying thinking errors and patterns and using “quick challenges”.

So anxiety wise I suppose it’s not been too bad. However obviously this was too much for my good ol’ body because I’ve been having some frankly shocking migraine issues – they used to be on a month maximum but now when they rock up they usually double strike in the space of a week. Great, obviously.

I had a migraine last week when I woke up which is unusual in itself for me, took my sumatriptan as usual.., got through work ok if I was a little groggy but that’s normal. However I left work and thought I was about to have a seizure. I lost some sensation down my left side, felt quite sick, lower back pain, stomach pain, had the strange sensation of my eyes spinning , became quite dizzy and generally felt fairly shite. So I was off sick the rest of that week because let’s face it when your mum and boss both ban you you know you’re ill!

Managed to see a doctor, so for now I’ve been prescribed migraine medication of topiramate and metaclopramide which I started at the weekend, so I’m getting the odd side effect, nothing too exciting though fortunately.

So at the moment things are looking alright, and I’m realising I’ve come an awful long way just lately and I’m proud of that.

Work have been incredibly supportive and I thank them for that.


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